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How do we react learning an un-confronted abuser has peacefully passed away? Letters of anger exist in our minds but are never sent. Why?

This film tells the tale of two sisters who, like many, were abused by a trusted family friend. It highlights the subtle strategies commonly used by abusers to gain access to children, while also incorporating elements of Maori legend. Spurred on by professionals in sexual abuse prevention, this film is a powerful tool for education and healing.  It has been endorsed by filmmakers and survivors both here, and overseas. 

Sexual abuse is a serious issue, yet Let Your Sisters Be manages to bridge the gap between despair and joy. 

At a time when high profile predators are finally being held accountable for their crimes, we now find ourselves asking "what's the next step?"

Let Your Sisters Be answers that question. You can be part of the solution through the making of this film.

Our hope is that Let Your Sisters Be will be shared in schools, community centers, and universities in order to raise awareness for sexual abuse to bring about massive change. We will be seeking broadcast placements in the US and in New Zealand. It will be shot for cinema and distributed to festivals and art houses internationally.