Director's Notes

Every now and then a script comes along and it pulls you up short. You think, ooh, this is really saying something and it’s saying it well.

Mary Sewell has written a strong story based on an authentic compelling story, Let Your Sisters Be is brave and it’s true and it’s inspiring. It’s the age-old story of the male predator abusing little girls. But Let Your Sisters Be differs dramatically from the usual portrayal of the girls as victims to deliver a surprising resolution of strength and hope.

Mary sets her story in small town New Zealand where Maori spirituality is in the air. The kaha, the strength, of women is celebrated as three generations of women from two different races, Maori and Pakeha, bring resolution to past and present victims.

The story plays with dramatic energies. Undercurrents that are seldom seen or recognized, yet shimmer beneath the surface of everyday life - relationships, memories – where the natural and spiritual worlds meet,

A New Zealand estuary is a great setting, where the brilliant greens of the bush, the dense forest and the wetlands are the ethereal home of the Kotuku - a bird of significance to Maori - a powerful harbinger of reckoning.

Past and present histories converge and we find ourselves invested in the future of a delightful eleven year old as two mature women arrive in town to play out the final scene of what we discover is their shared story.

The film will be shot for cinema and distributed for festivals and art-house release internationally. We will seek broadcast placements and offer it for educational distribution.

Because this is a story of strength and redemption in the pervasively sad and sinister world of predatory pedophilia we will work with organizations at the rock face working with and supporting victims.

My company, Seannachie Productions, works with top class New Zealand film crews and we look forward to working with Mary and her team to shoot her moving and inspiring film Let Your Sisters Be.

Aileen O’Sullivan
Director, Seannachie Productions