The Characters

Tia - At age eleven, Tia already knows more about the adult world than she should. Tenacious yet withholding, she navigates aworld of secrets. Blessed with two strong role models, mum and Nana, we know she’ll be okay.

Madonna - Single Mum Madonna has always been a looker. A dedicated parent, she works long hours to provide for her Mother and daughter, Tia. Don’t be fooled by her tenderness, you certainly wouldn’t want to cross her.

Claire - The younger of the two sisters, Claire continues to defer to her sister Alex. Her lack of confidence still evident until she finally takes the lead.

Alex - Always the elder sister, successful Alex still takes charge, always protective of her younger sister. Her tough exterior keeps her safe. We see a softness return in the final scene.

Birdman (aka Dennis) - Gaunt and lanky, Birdman is the Uncle we all loathe to kiss. Shifting eyes go undetected and like many people of notoriety, his charisma and energy blinds us, we cannot see beyond it.

Birdman’s wife - Linda has found love for the second time, though it is an unlikely match. She lives in the material world, drawn to glamour and celebrity. Not a nurturer.

Nana - Perhaps a single mum herself, Nana, 60’s keeps her eyes peeled, ever watching. Well versed in Te Reo, she’s in tune with spiritual forces at work.

David - David is bearded and earthy. Although warm and engaged, like so many men of his generation, he is less in tune with the intricacies of family life.

Helen - Devoted to her family, Helen takes pride in keeping her home and brood organized and on schedule. She is reserved and more circumspect than her husband.

Wendy - Is solid and forthright, not a listener. Her relationship with Robyn contrasts Alex and Claire’s. Robyn -Timid and reserved, Robyn prefers to be on the peripheral.

Tommy - nine-year-old cousin Tommy is Tia’s number one fan, of course he’d rather die than admit it. He’s both cheeky and endearing.

Steven - Oblivious to his sister’s encounters, Steven is an energetic boy with a sense of adventure.